We're The Atlas Collective.

Mission Statement

The Atlas Collective exists to provide a safe space for all to gather and grow by offering products and experiences that spark joy. 

The Atlas Collective is a “third space” that provides a cozy atmosphere to read, delicious coffee and gorgeous plants surrounding you.  Whether you come to us to work, to be with friends or to take a breather from your day to day routine - we are here for you.

Meet our Team.

Kara Taghon, Founder & CEO

Kara Taghon (she/her) is the owner and CEO of The Atlas Collective (est. 2024). A Chicago suburb native, Kara moved to the Quad Cities in 2019 and fell in love with the community. She's passionate about creating a community in the Quad Cities that folks from all walks of life can gather and be themselves in.

In her downtime, Kara loves to read, move her body, play with her dogs, and spend time in nature with her partner, Jordan (he/him). Kara hand raised the majority of the plants you'll find in The Atlas Collective. When you purchase a propagation, you're taking home a piece of TAC!

Elijah Israel, Caffeine Overlord

Elijah Israel is The Atlas Collective's Caffeine Overlord. Born and raised in Rock Island,  he's enjoyed a wide variety of Quad Cities coffee over the years. As a kid, he loved experiencing downtown Moline and Rock Island thriving and dreams of revitalizing them for future generations to come.

When Elijah isn't slinging your coffees, you can find him as the Dungeon Master of his own DnD group or at the gym. He has so many coffee projects in store that he can't wait to share with this community!

Brooke Matheis, Creative Director

Brooke Matheis is our Creative Director at The Atlas Collective. She believes business and graphic design go hand in hand and she's thrilled that she gets to create visually appealing products for the store. This includes marketing materials, online graphics, and in-house stationery design! Brooke also wears several other hats, including hosting our monthly book club meetings, curating our book selection with Kara, and managing our social media. 

When she's not reading or drawing, Brooke can be found spending time with her 2 kids, 3 dogs, and wonderful husband.